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Aug. 31st, 2011

The Long Island USCIS center wasn't closed by the hurricane and the green card interview was fine. We were (as you might hope) a convincing couple. No worries there. Unfortunately the medical records submitted by the civil surgeon were filled out in a manner that could be described as "half-arsed" and so I still don't have a green card. Did you know that preparing immigration medical paperwork is a specialised job that not just any doctor can do? Actually only a few doctors in New York are certified civil surgeons. Bearing this in mind, would you expect that one of the few people who are allowed do this work would have some clue about doing it properly? Bzzt! You would be wrong!

So I spent too much of today at the doctor's office watching appalling television while waiting for the staff to find my records. Medical-health-lifestyle tv is the WORST. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you should buy an expensive device that makes sure you don't put too more than a teaspoon of olive oil into your pan. I don't know much about the viewers of this show but I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that olive oil is not the problem with their lifestyles. And, you probably don't know this, but I learned it today: the best cure for bruising if you're a diabetic is homeopathic medicine. THIS WAS IN A DOCTOR'S OFFICE. God, I was so angry. (The teaspoon-of-oil measuring device wasn't a teaspoon in case you were frantically wondering there).

It took almost three hours before I got to talk to someone who knew what immigration was. She was confused about why anyone would care about the boring parts of the forms, but she checked boxes and signed the sheets and almost let me proofread to see what she'd missed before impatiently grabbing the papers from my hands and sealing the envelope. I have Foreboding. After that, I couldn't handle the idea of queueing for an hour in the greyish light at the post office, so I took the envelope to the UPS office instead and paid $12 for a tracking number that does not yet show as existing on the UPS site. I'm... sure it just takes time before the tracking number exists...? It does, right?

One day left before I'm out of here. I'll almost certainly be able to get back in.

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