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More things. The neighbour behind us called over the wall a few days ago and handed me a shoebox containing an injured pigeon. Alex is becoming a problem, he said. He'd like me to fix it. I thought to myself that the only problem was that nature red in tooth and fluff hadn't been allowed follow its course, but to be polite I accepted a mostly dead pigeon which had been tucked cosily into a box with some grain and newspaper. And then I had a pigeon. Giving it back to Alex seemed unneighbourly so I locked the cats indoors and left the pigeon outside with a bowl of water. What do you do, like? It died later, but it shit all over our deck furniture before it did that, so that's something.

In other news, there's a hurricane on the way. Our own Chez Floodplain is not in any of the evacuation zones, but our back door is below the general level of all of the surrounding gardens and so we used up two rolls of duct tape, a tube and a half of silicone caulk and around 80 square feet of heavy duty plastic in sealing up our back door and cat door. The cats no longer have free access to the outside world and they're dealing with that by finding the noisiest rattling items in the house and enthusiastically playing with them at five in the morning. Alex has started biting again. Lucy has been perfecting an undulating yowl. Assholes.

The hurricane is pretty interesting. They're evacuating Zone A, which is actually kind of a lot of the city. I'm sure it's vastly inconvenient and scary if you live closer to the water than we do, but, sheltered as we are, it's a real novelty to be part of such extreme weather. We had dinner with some people last night who said that the shops were mobbed. "I got the last flashlight!" "There weren't any crates of Evian left!".

Meanwhile, the Mayor's office is trying to reach the other half of New Yorkers, the ones who'll believe it when they see it. Some tweets: "If you are in Zone A, prepare to evacuate asap. Don’t be complacent. Even though the sun is shining now, don’t be fooled.". "We’ve never done a mandatory evacuation before – and we wouldn’t be doing this now if we didn’t think this was serious." "We can joke about this on Monday morning. But until then, it's a matter of life and death."

They're doing a good job, I think.


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