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The best thing about the New York Times Front Page podcast is when James Barron says it's "all the news that's fit to podcast". I love that. The other presenters never say it, and I always miss it.

The worst thing about the New York Times Front Page podcast is at the end of the episode when he invites comments to "podcasts at new york times dot com. That's podcasts with an s on the end at new york times dot com". It makes me irritated at their sysadmins every day. Couldn't someone have made him a mail alias by now?

It's a good podcast. I recommend it if you'd like the news summed up neatly in seven minutes every morning.



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Aug. 19th, 2011 09:12 am (UTC)
Interesting. What time does it come out at?

I get my morning Irish news summary via "It Says in the Papers" on Morning Ireland (not sure what time exactly this is on at - I'm usually in a half-awake fog, sometime between 07:00-07:30 Irish time).

Then I'll get my intenational news summary from the the FP morning brief which goes up early afternoon Rome time.

My work has a press office in Dublin that does a really good job of doing a daily press summary of the main stories in Ireland that goes out to all our Embassies, with a particular focus on DFA related stuff (economy, coverage of consular cases, etc), and they scan in articles that aren't available online (e.g. from the Irish Daily Mail). There's a few different people who do it on a rotating basis and although it's supposed to be fairly neutral I really like one particular person's style because they always include an "And finally..." like the birth of a baby hippo at Dublin Zoo or whatever which always cheers me up after reading the invariably negative news summary.
Aug. 19th, 2011 02:40 pm (UTC)
Hippo! From the most recent update time on my podcst app, it looks like the NYT podcast comes out at midnight EST. Can't swear to that though; it's out before I wake up and that's all I know for sure :-)

The FP morning brief looks brilliant. I like how concise it is. Do you go to the site or is there a neat way to get it delivered to your phone?

Daire recommends"It Says in the Papers" too. I looked into the Morning Ireland podcast, but you can't just get that bit, which is a shame.
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